Correct installation of Predator strut spring seats

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

To ensure that the RAW Predator struts are fitted correctly please read the following instructions for safe fitment to the vehicle.

Ensure that the installer has read the applicable fitting instructions (see image on right) provided in the strut packaging before installing the coil and top hat. If this form is missing from the packaging click on the links below to download the file you require:


Spring seat on circlipThe spring seat collar needs to be located on the circlip correctly with the recess fitting securely on the circlip as indicated by the red arrows in the cross section diagram on the left. (The cross section of the circlip is indicated in yellow in this diagram).


IMPORTANT: It is critical for installation and to avoid serious injury that the spring seat is installed the correct way up as shown below.PR with spring seats up and down

Spring seat with warning

Each spring seat is fitted with a warning sticker (as shown here).